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Losing Confidence in Self-Life = Freedom

For years I placed confidence in self-life (my way of getting needs met, using my resources).  Through my time at True Life, God opened my eyes and taught me from His Word. I began to understand what the Lord was doing.  Through a time of brokenness came a change of attitude.  Instead of saying, “I got this Lord, I can handle it,” I prayed, “Lord, I am totally dependent on you for everything I need each moment, and this way of life is useless.”  The Lord was teaching me to walk by faith and showing me the futility of living out of my own resources.

BUT, one more thing had to occur.  I needed to surrender and relinquish my rights. One big right for me centered on wanting and looking for a vehicle to replace my old one. I was constantly thinking, “I must have a new car; I need to have this car working, etc.”

I do not remember the day, but it was morning I walked out and got into my Malibu.  Before driving off, I just prayed and came to a place where I said, “Whatever you want to do Lord I am okay with it. I will keep it (referring to the Malibu).” I then drove off, but in my heart I knew that the matter was settled.  My heart had come to a place that said, “God you can do with me and my life whatever you want to do.  I entrust my desires and outcomes of those desires to you and you alone.”  I finally recognized the futility of walking after the flesh – my inability to meet my needs, my way, using my resources– and I believed in the Sovereign Goodness of God.  I had finally released my rights, and the result was true freedom and complete rest in Jesus–no matter the outcome.  The burden had been lifted!

What I had not shared earlier was my prayer for a new vehicle. To top it all off, the Lord over-answered my prayers by providing a really nice vehicle and he got rid of the Malibu for me, which I even got some money for. What a GREAT GOD!!!

Nate S.—York, PA

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