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True Life is not a church, but rather an independent, cross-denominational, non-profit ministry committed to serving the body of Christ and community by providing various training opportunities and personal, one-on-one discipleship done in a counseling setting. The staff at True Life is trained in sharing biblically-based, Christ-centered answers with hurting people.

People come to True Life for personal and spiritual help in resolving behavioral, emotional, marital and parenting problems. True Life provides a safe, accepting, and caring environment where the individual or couple can explore their particular needs. With guidance and assistance from a trained staff person, individuals can discover freedom through a Jesus-centered answer. Our desire is to help individuals experience a dynamic relationship with Jesus and others…moment by moment. In this time of discipleship, the Holy Spirit is recognized as the agent of change.

True Life understands that not everyone is available to visit our office for in-person counseling, whether that be due to distance, work, or home obligations.  Due to this we are happy to offer Cyber Counseling.

Our Cyber Counseling utilizes secure servers via Zoom.  Zoom offers the ability for the counselor and counselee to “meet” face to face as well as the ability to share documents, PowerPoints, and associated media used during the counseling process. All you’ll need is a computer or tablet device that supports live video and an email account where you can receive handouts.

We are available for marital counseling to help couples form a Biblical foundation concerning God’s plan for marriage with Christ as the centerpiece. In marriage counseling we trust God and His Word to reveal underlying issues needing healing and restoration, and we’ll help you see how God’s grace makes you and your spouse better together.

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