In our end of year letter we shared about Jessica, a recent client of True Life Discipleship Counseling who sat down to share how the ministry has impacted her.  Take a moment to listen to how True Life and the truth of the Gospel set this client free by clicking on this link.

“Coming to True Life was a venture that I was nervous about! Surrendering to God wasn’t something I was ready for. But, I was thinking about it all wrong. Not surrendering to God was where my fears should lay. Working with a counselor that I was comfortable with and trusted really helped me start my new life on the right path. This God thing doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it!” -Katie

“True Life helped me to overcome my depression & anxiety by showing me the powerful truth in God’s Word & who I truly am in Christ.  My counselor was a tremendous vessel used by the Lord in this process.  God shined His light thru my counselor by his Spirit inside to show me the compassion, wisdom, & faithfulness I was looking for during our meeting times.  My life is forever changed in the way I see myself now: not how I feel or see me, but by what God sees & calls me to be.” -John

“My husband has been seeing a counselor for the past few months, and within these months I have witnessed such a beautiful transformation in him. I have always prayed for him to come to Christ, and now that he is the man that I have always prayed for him to be, I feel that he should have a wife that is experiencing the same spiritual growth that he is, and that’s why I see a counselor as well in hopes that he will help guide our marriage to grow in Christ.” Sara

“In the midst of all the chaos surrounding us, your news about spiritual discipleship, restoration of marriages and “word of mouth” outreach of the ministry is soooo encouraging and exciting.” -Mona

“Keep on fighting the good fight! The fact that lives are being restored thru True Life makes me just want to yell from the rooftops!  Marriages are so key in keeping families together.  I am proud that you stand so firmly behind them.” -Suzanne

“I now understand what it means “to walk after the flesh” and “to walk in the Spirit”. Carrying this understanding out in practice is a work in progress, but I know God is in charge and he will set me free.”   – George

“I have been powerfully impacted thru Christ and by the Holy Spirit thru True Life. Learning to appropriate by faith Jesus Christ as Life has transformed my thinking, feeling, and the choices I make. I highly recommend True Life as an investment opportunity and source of true biblical counseling.” – Pastor Mike Kenley, Fellowship Chapel

“The discipleship program offered by True Life should be what every Christians hears and learns from the start. It is truly the foundation for living out the Christian life!” – Chuck