What is Discipleship Counseling at True Life?

Discipleship Counseling is Christ-centered counseling that seeks to bridge the often common gap between a Christian’s personal life struggles and circumstances, and living from the “new heart” that God gave them. It teaches how to integrate God’s truth into our everyday living so that we will more fully discover and experience the abundant life we have in Jesus.

Who Can Pursue Discipleship Counseling?

Any adult who wishes to pursue greater freedom, joy, rest, and peace in their life may contact True Life to begin the process.

How do I pursue help from True Life?

The person desiring Discipleship Counseling must make the first call or contact to True Life to seek help at 410-650-4074 . We respect an individual’s privacy and find it necessary to discuss their individual needs with them personally. The person who desires help must be the one willing to take the steps necessary for the process to begin.

When you contact us, we will get basic information on the type of help you are seeking, along with contact info. and your availability to meet with someone. You will need to commit to a weekly scheduled appointment during our office hours 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday (occasionally, there are limited counseling appointments on evenings and weekends). We will then coordinate with one of our staff counselors to contact you directly to set up a time for your Intake Appointment. At the Intake Appointment you will have the opportunity to describe in more detail the help you need, and we will explain our Discipleship Counseling process.

How long does the individual discipleship process take?

Depending on the nature of the problem, an individual can count on about twenty visits. Each session will last about an hour; on occasion it may last longer.

What is the cost of the individual appointments?

True Life operates on a donation basis for our personal, individual appointments. We will ask a counselee to contribute at the end of each session, including the Intake Appointment ($90/session – a larger donation is suggested if the session is longer than an hour and a half.) There is a charge for Discipleship Workbooks, and for books and CDs that are assigned for homework. The counselee may also be asked to take a Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis at a cost of $30.


The communication between a counselee and our staff is considered confidential. Records will not be released outside of True Life without one’s written consent.