True Life Institute

We are already several weeks into our True Life Institute! We currently have six students participating in this structured course where they will attend weekly classes and engage in dynamic discussions led by True Life staff. God is doing an awesome work in the lives of all involved!

Please remember to pray for the staff, that we may clearly communicate foundational truths of what it means to live under grace, and for the students, that they may “be given a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him,” as they seek to deepen their understanding and experience of knowing Jesus in a dependent and intimate way.

True Life is Growing…

New Office in Baltimore County

True Life is pleased to announce that Central Christian ( provided an office at their White Marsh campus in which we have begun meeting with clients from the Baltimore area. Sean began office hours there on Thursday, October 1, and plans to be available every Thursday from 9-4:30 to meet with those seeking Discipleship Counseling. For more information, you may contact True Life at or by calling 410-650-4074.

Speaking at Women’s Conference

We were so excited to have Sean Husemann, one of our counselors, speak at Central Christian’s Women’s Conference on September 19, attended by over 250 women! Sean shared during two mini-sessions on how to break the strongholds in our lives. Many women were equipped, encouraged, and empowered by Sean’s life-changing message.


Partnership with Local Church

Beginning in March, True Life was excited to partner with the Bel Air campus of Central Christian to offer one of our favorite mini-courses. Fifteen “Dream Team Leaders” (ministry heads) participated in this 8-week study entitled Breaking Free from Anxiety and Depression. Showing believers how to break free from self-life and enter into Christ’s life to experience true freedom, this personal growth course had a great impact on this dynamic group. Bonnie P. shared this about her experience:  I always want to deepen my experience of knowing “Christ as Life.”  In scripture, He gives us His Words for doing just that.  Besides my desire to grow personally, I want God to be able to use me to share His TRUTH in His Word with others, and True Life Discipleship Counseling is a great way to help me be better equipped to lead others to Christ!  I am thankful our church presented this opportunity for us to have a sampling of what True Life is about and I look forward to learning more!

Brittney N. added this about her involvement: The True Life class was a huge blessing, something I wasn’t expecting. When I was asked to go through the class, I honestly was thinking “oh this is another thing on the schedule, another night I have to be somewhere.” But I am so thankful that this class was offered at Central BA. I’ve grown deeper in my relationship with Christ and my understanding on how I was created — feelings, emotions, everything. What I learned at True Life helps me on a daily basis, in any situation, and encourages me to always relate things back to Christ. Ron and Debbie did a fantastic job of being friendly, open, and honest — not afraid to delve into the real issues we all face (depression, anxiety, forgiveness etc.). They handled every topic so earnestly, with hearts wanting to serve. I’m excited to see how much of an impact this class makes on our WM campus. Thanks again True Life!

If you would like to know more about this course or others offered by True Life, be sure to visit our website at and click on the “Training” tab.

Also, if you would like to know more about the ministry of Central Christian, whose mission is to lead people to discover and fulfill their purpose in Christ, visit their website at

Accepting Applications for True Life Institute

Burnt out from “doing” the Christian life? Ever feel like a failure as a Christian? Want to grow in your relationship with Jesus? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, perhaps you would benefit from participating in our True Life Institute, scheduled to begin this fall. This structured personal growth program helps individuals deepen their understanding and experience of “Christ as Life.” Through classroom instruction, group discussion, and personal study, this 18-week course shares life-changing truths about the believer’s identity in Christ, concept of God, surrender, forgiveness, victory over sin, and other teachings which further an individual’s understanding of what it really means to experience “True Life from the new heart that Jesus gives.” We invite you to prayerfully consider joining us for our next session. We have begun accepting applications for a limited number of participants. For more information, go to our website, and click on the “Training” tab.

Training Programs

True Life Institute celebrated with this fall’s participants at a dinner held at Fellowship Chapel on February 13. Students and their guests enjoyed a delicious dinner, prepared and served by the True Life staff. Dinner was followed by a wonderful time of fellowship, as students shared all that Abba Father has revealed to them during their time in the Institute. What a wonderful way to wrap up an amazing fall semester!

These same students will be returning in March to participate in an extension of the Institute known as the True Life Advanced Training. During this 12-week semester, participants will be trained and equipped with the tools necessary to communicate the truth about “Christ as Life” with hurting people, either through formal counseling/discipleship settings, or in informal meetings with those in their circle of influence.

Under the guidance of True Life staff, students in the program will participate in group discussions and seminars on topics relating to the application of Grace Life principles in the counseling and discipleship process. Students will be required to read several books and view DVDs which will instruct them in this process. During the program, students will also have the opportunity to observe and participate in actual counseling sessions. Throughout the entire course, each participant will meet with a staff member for personal mentoring, where questions and spiritual growth will be addressed. We are so excited for what God has planned! Please join us in praying for the staff and students of this year’s Advanced Training.